Why Do Something If It Can Be Done: Quoting Gertrude Stein # 23

Here she comes again! Gertie is back in print. Amazon (at least) is freshly restocked with copies (at the original price, $ 15.95!) and you can have a look inside the book. Well, you got a good look already from the illustrations of my blog: you get the idea. It’s Gertie’s whole lifetime, from birth to death, from obscurity to fame… And there is a lot of Alice, too. And Paris. And Picasso. And everybody who was anybody.
A picture-reader: to make it fun and easy to access the elusive genius. A primer: so you can thumb around in it and get a good laugh (and a few dynamite quotes). And perhaps decide which side of her, which text of hers, might warrant or tempt a second look. I can sit back and put my feet up for a moment. This has been hard work, getting an out-of-print book back into print, especially in today’s market. I will tell you more about it when I have caught my breath…
Stay tuned.

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