Why Do Something If It Can Be Done: Quoting Gertrude Stein # 16

After all the controversies we can settle back into what is “peaceful and exciting”: Gertrude’s passion for Alice and Alice’s for Gertrude. I have quoted Gertrude’s love notes to Alice. Among the few remaining love notes from Alice to Gertrude, here is one — a note with Christmas wishes.
“Les meilleurs voeux de votre femme des Etats Unis.

Melly Christmas-hubby dearest
Here we are always nearest.
You’ve got no peer. you’re the peerest
Melly Christmas wifie’s good
Hides it under a thick hood
It will be your constant food

Good baby
Is all me
To delight
With all my might
Hubby is my pleasure

Baby boy
You’re no toy
But a strong-strong husband
I dont obey
Do this you say
Well do it together and
Thats the way we obey”

All is well, belly belly well. Stay tuned.

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